Adding Video Components to Your Website

Adding Video Components to Your Website

Intro by Skip Cohen

I get it, you’re a photographer, and if you wanted to be in the video business, you’d have worked to be a videographer, but here’s the point I want to make with a little help from Chamira Young’s archives.

Video adds a more personal touch to your website and demonstrates your ability to tell the most important story of all – YOURS!

I regularly share short videos on my own blog from companies like Panasonic and Tamron, for example. One reason is that they’re SCU partners, but the secondary reason is even more important, they’re telling stories about their products. And, if you think about it, a video in under two minutes has to have a unique style to keep your attention. All the elements of great storytelling are there.

Telling your story versus talking about a new lens is very different, but not in the film’s elements. For example, think about a video in your about section that talks about your love for the business. Putting together a video that combines your narrative about your passion for photography and helping people capture memories, combined with short video clips of you working with clients and still shots of finished images – all put to music, gives you more than a few hundred words in your bio!

Suzette Allen became known as the Queen of Hybrid because she does such a fantastic job telling her clients stories – combining video, still photographs, and great music! You’ll find a lot of great how-to information on her blog.

With the world hunkered down and the Internet being the one place everyone feels safe, you’ve got an opportunity to demonstrate your passion for the craft. Now is the time to create a video that puts your heart on display and leaves clients wanting to get to know both you and your work.

By Chamira Young

Lights, camera, action!

Photographers are well known for what they do best; photograph. But what if we could do more to get noticed?

Turns out, they can. Ever considered putting video on your website? Now, you might be thinking, “Why would I put a video on my website if the only thing I do is photography?” Well, the answer is simple.

There are two main reasons why you need to consider putting some kind of video on your website right now that will increase your traffic and your paying clients.

Video is Personal – You have heard it before but video just has a way of making things more personal. Photos can only do so much and with tons of posing techniques, what seems natural might actually be forced in the photo.

A video is a direct connection to someone. A voice, a face, an expression, all of the things you love when you are speaking face-to-face with someone, are the same things your clients will love about you. Taking video makes you relatable. You spend so much time building a brand name, a catchy logo, and a unique selling point, but putting a literal face to your business might be just the push you need.

Taking video makes you approachable. You seem like you’re talking right to your audience and they can imagine themselves responding to questions or jokes you say. Writing is a beautiful art, but if you get the chance, speaking is the best and most direct way to make someone think, feel, or act a certain way. Videos have a way of showing true emotions and here’s where a few ideas come in of videos you can make today.

Try a selfie video. Maybe update people on your editing process. Walk your followers through your home or studio. Talk to them about why you have loved shooting *insert niche* pictures for so many years. Try a video testimonial of someone sharing a quick 30 seconds about their experiences.

Video is Exclusive – While, of course, the video you create can go anywhere and is not actually exclusive, it does give that impression. A behind-the-scenes or a sneak peek is total bait for people with an interest and drawing them in is so simple.

It makes the experience feel like it’s one on one and if you are asking questions and being conversational in your video, the person on the other side will feel the same way. Taking a video shows that you are working with real humans and that might be all the difference.

One of the biggest benefits that video can have is alleviating fears. If you are shooting someone who might be nervous, someone watching a video of you coaching someone through poses or the “after” shock of seeing their incredible images, then you are reaching an audience that would normally be fearful or shy about reaching out.

Taking a video of yourself, your workflow, your clients, and more is a great way to connect to people. And don’t get it wrong, you don’t need professional quality. All you need is your iPhone or smartphone to snap a quick video of yourself and post it to your website or social media. It’s inviting, new, and people love to hear the voice and see the face of an artist. Well, what are you waiting for? Turn that selfie-cam back around and step in front of the lens that you normally hide behind.

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Chamira Young

Chamira started her journey into the arts with a goal to be an artist. From the University of Michigan School of Art & Design (Go Blue!) to working as an excited graphic designer and illustrator at a book publishing company, to serving as an eager photographer, print designer, and web designer at an international motorcycle magazine. She admits to being a tech nerd and today is a successful photographer, podcaster and writer. She co-hosts two popular podcasts with Skip Cohen, writes for, her own blog, ProPhotographerJourney, and has a never-ending love for the craft!

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