Blog Posts Prompts – How to Overcome Writer’s Block

Blog Posts Prompts – How to Overcome Writer’s Block

Starting a blog and keeping it going can be a challenge at times. If you are sitting in front of your computer screen and saying to yourself “I know I should be writing but what should I write,” you are suffering from writer’s block. Don’t worry. You are not alone in your struggles. Writer’s block is one of those things that can cripple even the best writers in the world.

The Daily Post writer, Erica, recently wrote a post trying to come to the aid of bloggers facing writer’s block by giving five prompts. These prompts are:

  1. What does Utopia look like to you? – What type of world do you strive to create in your day-to-day life? What actions can we take to improve the lives of others? What’s a cause that’s important to you? Tell us about your vision for a perfect world and if you think we’re on our way there.
  2. In honor of Mother’s Day, write an ode to mom. – Every mom is unique, and every mom is equally special. Tell us a story about your mother, the quintessential tale that describes her in a nutshell. What makes her special to you? How does she inspire you? Since moms come in all different packages, what other motherly figures have made an impact on your life?
  3. Plant some seeds for future posts by writing your own, short prompts. – Historically, spring has always been a time for regrowth. As the flowers begin to blossom, it feels like everything is starting anew. In honor of this theme, plant some blogging seeds by writing a post comprised of multiple short prompts, only a few sentences in length. Let these mini-posts take root in the minds of your readers. Then, in your own time, revisit these seeds, crafting an entire post around one of your short prompts at a time, letting your ideas blossom into something new and whole.
  4. List it out! – The list post is a great way to organize information for your readers. When you’re sharing your favorite movie, having a “Top Ten” list makes it sound more exciting, more exclusive. For your next post, try switching things up and using the list format, sharing your favorite movies, best songs for a workout, the most delicious seasonal recipes, and so on.
  5. Variations on a theme: craft a story about indecision. – Playing on the theme of indecision, share a moment in time when you felt stuck, unable to choose. How did you overcome that uncertainty? Did you end up making the right choice?

These are just a few great prompts to get you out of your writing block. Just remember that inspiration for your blog can come from anywhere. What are some things that you love to write about? Comment below with your favorite blog prompts.

You can read Erica’s whole article entitled, “Five Blog Posts To Write Right Now” at

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