Drone Photography – A New Opportunity Part 1

Drone Photography – A New Opportunity Part 1

I’ve always had a fascination with flight. Every time I fly I enjoy it. Mix that with a passion for photography and you have quite a potential combo. Today with Drone photography we can take this from scientific to completely artistic. Both serve a purpose and offer new business opportunities we didn’t have without the rental use of expensive airplanes and helicopters previously.

Like anything we don’t know, we need to find people who can educate and inspire us. Not just read books or watch videos. Meet Jay G. Davis. Jay is an incredibly talented and smart photographer and businessman out of Papillion, Nebraska. I realized once I wanted to seriously learn more about getting into this genre of photography, he would be the one to ask.

You know how you learn something the first time and realize how lucky you were you didn’t just try to figure this stuff out all your own? That’s exactly how I felt after my discussion with Jay. You can read books and watch videos but Jay made me realize you don’t know what you don’t know.

I realized after our Podcast that I could’ve wasted a lot of money inadvertently breaking some laws and potentially hurt someone! Watch the podcast and you’ll understand more! The bottom line is if you have been thinking about getting into this niche of photography or moving up from it as a hobby, don’t miss this Podcast.

Jay and I covered so much information that I turned this into a 2 – 20 minute podcast chock full of great advice. This is part one. In this first one we cover:

  1. Photography opportunities
  2. Business opportunities
  3. Practical & scientific uses
  4. How to get started
  5. FAA Rules, Regulations, Flight Plans
  6. Insurance
  7. Time of day, weather, and lighting needs
  8. Preparing for the job sight
  9. Equipment
  10. More!

Check out the podcast now.

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