Fall is For Family


It starts just after the kids go back to school: parents everywhere take a deep breath, then they start planning fall family activities and for the holidays that are just around the corner. Portrait photographers need to be one jump ahead of their family clients and prospects, because by the time the scorching days of August have turned into the first days of autumn, it’s prime time for portrait photography, when there are unlimited opportunities to get families and children in front of your camera.FallFamilyInside
Now is the time to start planning your promotional activities for one of the most parent-pleasing and profitable promotions of the year: “Fall is for Family.” Even if you don’t live where fall foliage creates a spectacular portrait background, there are alternatives for capturing outdoor portraits of children or of the family together: at the beach, around the home, or at any locale where the family enjoys hanging out. You might even consider offering a limited time “Portraits in the Park” promotion over a weekend when families are likely to be together.

Here are some keys to making the most of this portrait opportunity: have a planning session so you can review location options as well as provide guidance about clothing choices; make sure you have large display portraits available so parents can understand the decorative potential of a fall family portrait; and at the sale session, don’t forget to remind families that fall portraits are perfect for illustrating holiday cards . . . it will give you an opportunity to show clients that the cards your studio offers are so much more attractive than what’s available from mass-marketers.

But before you do anything else, determine how you’re going to get your marketing message out to clients and prospects because there are so many possibilities: through direct mail, on your website, blog or social media posts, displaying your work with a marketing partner, and through email blasts to your client list.

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