Spring Sports are Here!

Spring Sports are Here!

Don’t forget to pre-schedule potential rain dates. It’s easier to plan and communicate this in advance, rather than after it happens. There’s often not enough time left in the season to schedule down the road and sales always drop the later picture day occurs in the season. The league may also be able to reserve a nearby school, church hall or community building to use as a backup in case of inclement weather. Photograph with Green Screen using an image of their home fields as the background and you’re all set.

You can also add extra revenue to your sports accounts by offering Marathon’s Bag Tag fundraiser. It’s a painless new fundraiser for your leagues and they’ll appreciate you for bringing it to them.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Order one of Marathon’s Sports Bag Tags for each player you photograph. They’re only 50¢ each.
  2. Provide them to the league for sale as a fundraiser. They can sell them for $5 each by promoting them at a table close to the concession stand on a game day.  They represent an IMPULSE buy. Every player has a sports equipment bag and many look alike, so the photo tags serve a valuable purpose. At $5 each, it’s an easy sale and the majority of parents will buy.
  3. Split the revenue received 50-50 with the league. They’ll appreciate the new revenues from an easy sale and you’ll make more money.

In our experience, approximately 60% of the Parents will purchase a Bag Tag. On a league of 500 players, that’s 300 buyers (x) $5 each = $1500 in sales.  The League keeps 50% ($750) and you get 50% ($750) less your cost to produce the 500 bag tags ($250 @ 50¢ ea) for a net profit of $500 and the league does most of the work. Put even more money in your pocket with Marathon’s photo processing. Where else can you get a Memory Mate for .65? www.VolumePhotoSolutions.com

Don’t forget that this SPRING is the right time to book all your upcoming fall and winter sport before your competitors get around to doing it. The earlier you get dates on your schedule, the easier it is to plan staff for those photography dates.

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