The App of All Apps

The App of All Apps

by Mark Weber, M.Photog.Cr, M.Artist, CPP

I am a lousy typist. I am forever committed to the pinky, middle finger and thumb method of hunting and pecking. I look at some of my colleagues who can fly through the keyboard with eyes fixated on their monitor, able to seemingly think the words right onto their screen. That’s not me and it will never be me, I guess. I’m more of a get a piece of paper, jot down notes and doodle while solving the world’s problems . . . until recently.

No, I did not suddenly acquire typing skills. I did not start using an expensive dictation software, but I did start tapping into technology. Thanks to my daughter Kelly referring me to an App she swears by for her iPad called Note Taker HD, my world has changed.

Note Taker HD allows me to have a virtual notebook where I can write on virtual paper with a stylus and works so much better for me than a keyboard. It’s just like a pencil and paper only better.

  1. I have all my notes neatly organized and saved on the iPad or the Cloud.
  2. I can send my notes to anyone or myself.
  3. I can still use the type function with the App if I choose.
  4. I can use the drawing tools to create very precise lighting diagrams through shapes.
  5. I can use the highlighter to emphasize important areas.
  6. I can change the pen color for variety.
  7. I can change the paper from white to yellow to green, etc.
  8. I’m saving a lot of trees.
  9. I’m not losing those little notes I used to wonder what to do with until I wanted to refer to them again.  Especially the ones that used to contain Photoshop instructions or short cuts.
  10. I can import photos into any document.

Bottom line, this App has changed the way I do everything. No more lost notes! Everything is easily found since you can title documents and it even shows a thumbnail.

So many uses. You can even use it as a reference board for school photography. Demonstrate a lighting diagram to a new photographer. Doodle on top of an imported photograph to show your lab the changes you want made on your competition prints or give feedback to a fellow photographer. It’s endless. Whatever you can do with a pen and paper, you can do with this App. Between Note Taker HD and Wunderlist, I couldn’t function any more. OK, Evernote is right in there too!

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This article was written by
Mark Weber

Mark Weber M.Photog., Cr., M. Artist, CPP is a veteran professional photographer and marketing consultant with Marathon Press. He spearheads the MAP Program at Marathon Press which helps photographers gain control of their business to take their business to a new level with ongoing marketing support. He holds several Photographer of the Year titles and was recently presented with the PPA National Award, given for outstanding service to the photographic industry.

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  1. Fotografer at 1:10 am

    You also should check out the iOS app called “CJournal” – it is your contacts list on steroids! It allows you to log every meeting, e-mail, mailer, photo session, portfolio review, etc. (whatever you want – you add the categories you want) with a contact, with notes so you can recall what was said, done, sent, etc. If you e-mail right from the app, it automatically records the e-mail (including the contents of the message, if you want) in the log. It does tasks and more, too.

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