The Evolution of Senior Photography Part 1

The Evolution of Senior Photography Part 1

I think everyone understands that the Senior Photography market has changed and evolved into something different these days. There are a lot of photographers trying to figure out how to adapt everything from their marketing campaigns to the style of photography they offer and in some cases the prices they charge.


I recently did a mini-survey with photographers all over the country and found that there’s a variety of attitudes regarding this market. What has impressed me are the studios that have carefully studied the market, adapted to fit those changes, and embraced the future with new success.


Over 3 million students have graduated from high school this year. Even with the change in demand that’s still a lot of opportunities. Understanding what they value & communicating a unique experience is critical to attracting Seniors today.


That’s where today’s podcast comes in. Brian and Jessica Baer are a husband and wife team from Kearney, Nebraska of Baer Studio. They each have over 25 years of experience and are very talented. They both have earned their PPA Master & Craftsman’s degrees and have been awarded the prestigious PPA National Award.


They are one of the few husband and wife teams that have each served as Presidents of the Professional Photographers of Nebraska. Both have won countless photographic awards. They are a perfect example of what happens when you apply the facts with good business skills.


With that passion for helping people, they have taught numerous programs that have helped photographers improve their photography and increase their business. I invited them to do a podcast with me to discuss the business of Senior Photography today and how they have adapted their approach. I learned so much and made a lot of notes.


The common denominator I find with studios that have success with Seniors today is that they keep their eye on the ball on Seniors year-round. From planning to execution it almost runs a full calendar year.


Regardless if you are brand new to the industry or a veteran of many years, you will learn a lot in this podcast. Brian and Jes didn’t hold back. They answered every question I asked and shared even more. This will be a 2 part podcast as there’s so much great information. Check out the Podcast here –


In Part 1 we cover:

  • What opportunities in Senior Photography today?
  • Understanding what Seniors want
  • Marketing effectively
  • Branding yourself effectively
  • Promotional offers used
  • Strong social media use
  • The experience
  • Simplifying your bookings
  • What information to post on your website
  • The importance of communicating the uniqueness
  • Your photography style
  • More!


Look for part 2 in a couple of days. In that segment, we cover sales, products, and more.


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Mark Weber M.Photog., Cr., M. Artist, CPP is a veteran professional photographer and marketing consultant with Marathon Press. He spearheads the MAP Program at Marathon Press which helps photographers gain control of their business to take their business to a new level with ongoing marketing support. He holds several Photographer of the Year titles and was recently presented with the PPA National Award, given for outstanding service to the photographic industry.

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