The Power of Live Education

The Power of Live Education

I’ve always believed in face-to-face education. Video education is great too but  I’ve come to the conclusion that you can’t beat live education. This became especially apparent after returning to live events after Covid forced them to be canceled for a couple of years.


Don’t get me wrong, there’s value in online education. Some of my all-time favorite education and inspiration are recorded and available for me to watch at any time. I’m glad both exist and we don’t have to choose, but most live events are not recorded. You have to be there to learn.


There are pros and cons to each but live events, face to face, are what defines us as photographers in my opinion. Seeing the body language of how an educator demonstrates working with their subject. The etiquette they use, the professionalism, and the working thru a challenge without showing stress in front of a subject all add up to the power of live education.


Besides learning from a live instructor you also learn from each other. People ask questions during a class that you didn’t even think to consider. That adds to everyone’s knowledge.


There’s also the “learn from each other” experience. You know the old saying – you learn as much in the hospitality room as you do in the classroom? That’s still one of the greatest values of any event you attend in person. I experienced it in all the events I attended again this season.


There’s no lack of education to choose from these days. We each have our “must attend events” that we go to. Sometimes it’s because you have a long history with those events and other times it’s just exactly the education you need at this moment in time. But no matter the reason the education and experience are always worth attending.


In addition to that, live events get the creative juices flowing. There’s synergy in face-to-face learning. I love hearing a new photographer talk about learning something that had eluded them for some time and now they have the pride (and relief) of “getting it” and the ability to master it from now on.


Have you ever wondered what it takes to put on a big conference? I’ve had my share of coordinating workshops and some other events with our MAP Program but to put on a major show like this? I was curious what that took. What is the motivation and how do you make it a success? Meet Lisa Asp & David “Davey Dave” Mesarch.


Lisa Asp is the creator of The Animal Image Makers Conference. She is ultra-talented, has her PPA Masters, Craftsman, Master Artists degrees, and is a CPP. She has won a boat load of print awards and numerous PPA Image Excellence awards too. Davey Mesarch is an extremely talented photographer as well and is crucial in making the technical side of things flow with AIM. They are a dynamic duo and had a lot to share about their experience with AIM.


I invite you to listen to the podcast here –


Have an interest in pet photography? Want to learn more about Animal Image Makers and how it can help you grow that part of your business? Check out their website here –


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