Then and Now

Then and Now

Intro by Skip Cohen

I love this series Michele Celentano did a few years back for her blog. In fact, this particular piece was shared in 2013, but the concept is timeless.

So many of you are struggling for ideas for your blog content. You wind up posting image after image from portrait sessions or weddings without any real meaning. After a while, the photos are only of interest to the subjects themselves and merely become a secondary gallery.

What I love about “Then and Now” is the way it does two things.

First, remember who your target audience is. Women make 98% of the purchase decisions to hire a professional photographer in the portrait/social categories. That means “Mom.” An ongoing feature like this is the perfect way to remind Mom time never stands still, and it’s time to update the family photos!

Second, it’s a great reminder you’re a professional photographer. Michele is a family portrait artist, and that includes high school seniors. She shared images of her subject in 2004 and then nine years later. But, you don’t have to wait a lot of years to show kids changing. In fact, a baby you photographed two years ago is perfect for a then and now comparison.

Great blog content is king, but it’s up to you to create the stories. Doing a series like “Then and Now” also gives you the ability to build a stash of blog posts.

Remember, the number one challenge for a successful blog is consistency, followed by good content! Build a stash of a dozen or more blog posts so that when you don’t have time to post something fresh, you’ve got suitable material to be out there at least two days a week!

By Michele Celentano

Then and Now… Brooke

When I thought of the idea for this “Then and Now” blog series I did not realize the impact it would have on me personally.

This is Brooke.  She is a high school senior and an incredible artist.  The tattoo of the elephant on her calf is her own drawing.  Since I love elephants I absolutely love her tattoo.  These senior portraits of her were created just a few weeks ago.

The image of her and her sister (Brooke is leaning over her younger sister) was taken in 2004 – more than 9 years ago.  Wow!  What a difference 9 years makes.

It is incredible to photograph and see children grow into young adults.  This photographic career is such a gift.  Brooke – thanks for being a part of my photographic history.


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Michele Celentano

Michele Celentano is one of America's leading family photographers, Canon Explorer of Light and a published author. She's a sought-after educator and artist who strongly believes in the importance of photographs. "The most important part of this journey through life are the people we love. For me, the second most important thing we have are the photographs that help us to remember those we love when they are no longer with us...Photographs of the people we love the most and the times we spend with them will outlast any material thing we have."

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