Who’s Your Muse?

Who’s Your Muse?

My wife, Sheila, often reads my blog posts, and when I’m stuck trying to figure out a topic on days when I don’t want to write specifically about business, she becomes my muse.

Based on the Google dictionary’s definition, a muse is:

A person or personified force who is the source of inspiration for a creative artist.

Here’s my point – there’s Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, birthdays – but no Muse Day. No day where we kick back and spend a little time thinking about those people in our lives who inspire us. Sheila’s my main muse, but every day there are people in our lives who, like Subliminal Man from old SNL shows, help to plant a seed of an idea, make us smile, and give us a little feedback on which path to choose in our journey.

So, half-serious, half-joking, I declared June 13, this year, the second Sunday in June, as Muse Day. The day always needs to be a slug day, relaxing and simply smiling more than usual. It’s a time to focus on everything right in your life instead of getting caught up in the storms and bumpy roads.

What was funny about the idea is the number of people who thought it was a great idea and circled the date for next year. So, if you missed this year’s Muse Day – Take the time today to let the muses in your life know they’re appreciated.

You know how to selectively focus your camera – well, this is about your brain and your heart. It’s like focus-stacking your feelings to produce one incredible emotional moment, in focus on each aspect of a relationship.

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Skip Cohen is an industry executive recognized for his diversity. He has served as past president of Hasselblad USA, Rangefinder/WPPI and in 2009 founded his own educational consulting company. In 2013 he launched Skip Cohen University dedicated to helping artists build a stronger business. He's a regular speaker at a variety of conventions and writes for several different magazines, as well as having two business classes at Lynda.com. Click above to visit the SCU blog.

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